Social problems exam 2 | Psychology homework help

Question 1 of 20
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Which one of the following statements accurately reflects current American opinion about sexual behavior?

A. Promiscuity is acceptable to most Americans.


B. Casual sex is acceptable for men but not women.


C. Extramarital sexual behavior is wrong.


D. Casual sex is acceptable for men and women.


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Question 2 of 20
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Which one of the following describes the typical prostitute customer, or “John”?

A. Single, young, White male


B. Married, middle-aged, White male


C. A man who interacts with prostitutes for a brief period of time


D. A man who interacts with a large number of prostitutes


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Question 3 of 20
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A major reason that child prostitutes are sought after in Asian countries is the:

A. fear of AIDS in older prostitutes.


B. belief that children can be more easily manipulated.


C. lower cost of visits to child prostitutes.


D. difficulty in finding child prostitutes in other geographical areas.


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Question 4 of 20
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Which one of the following is not a major social structural factor that may lead women to prostitution?

A. Poor relationships with parents


B. Sexual abuse


C. Family economic hardship


D. Limited intelligence


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Question 5 of 20
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A distinction between pornography and obscenity is that:

A. obscenity is literature, art, or films that are sexually arousing.


B. pornography may be sexually arousing but is not degrading or demeaning.


C. obscenity is a legal term for pornography that is defined as unacceptable by general standards of decency.


D. pornography is more likely to lack serious artistic merit.


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Question 6 of 20
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Which one of the following statements is a finding of Boeringer’s (1994) and Donnerstein’s (1984) research on pornography and men’s sexual aggressive attitudes and behavior?

A. There is no relationship between pornography and violent attitudes and behavior.


B. Men who watched “soft-core” pornography were more likely to use sexual force and other kinds of coercion.


C. Men who watched violent pornography were more likely to vote for conviction in a simulated rape trial than men who did not watch the movie.


D. Men who watched violent pornography generally denied that they might commit rape.


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Question 7 of 20
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Research on homosexuality throughout the world leads to which one of the following conclusions?

A. Some societies have much greater numbers of homosexuals than others.


B. Homosexual orientation is affected by societal norms.


C. Homosexuals in different cultures vary with respect to overtly “feminine” and “masculine” characteristics.


D. Behavioral interests and occupational choices among homosexuals vary widely in different cultures.


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Question 8 of 20
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Regarding homosexual behavior, which one of the following statements is most likely to be true?

A. Young males who engage in sex for money usually become exclusively homosexual.


B. In many cases, individuals engage in homosexual behavior for only a brief period in their lives.


C. Incestuous experiences are found in the family history of most homosexuals.


D. Lesbians are more likely than male homosexuals to be affected by the norms of their peer groups.


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Question 9 of 20
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Which one of the following statements is true of American sodomy laws?

A. The laws have not been challenged in court.


B. The kinds of behaviors viewed as “unnatural” are consistent among states.


C. The laws have been used primarily to prosecute homosexuals.


D. The laws were established in response to the AIDS epidemic.


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Question 10 of 20
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Which one of the following statements is representative of American attitude toward homosexuality?

A. Women are less tolerant of homosexuality than men.


B. Homosexuals can be perceived as positive role models for children.


C. Homosexual couples should be permitted to adopt children.


D. Homosexual relations are considered morally wrong.


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Question 11 of 20
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Regarding the effect of alcohol on the body, which one of the following statements is true?

A. Concentration of alcohol in the blood is increased by rapid drinking.


B. Persons are defined as drunk if their blood alcohol level is around 0.05 percent.


C. If a person drinks four bottles of beer on an empty stomach, all alcohol will leave the system in approximately four hours.


D. The ingestion of a small amount of alcohol will not lead to changes in mood or behavior.


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Question 12 of 20
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Studies of patterns of alcohol use in this country conclude that:

A. use is heaviest among African-Americans.


B. women and men are equally likely to abuse alcohol.


C. people from lower socioeconomic classes are more likely to drink heavily.


D. the majority of eighth-graders have used alcohol.


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Question 13 of 20
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Which one of the following is not a major consequence of alcohol abuse in American Indian communities?

A. Increased health care costs


B. The loss to the community of positive contributions by those abusing alcohol


C. High alcohol-related death rate


D. Substantial involvement in criminal activities


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Question 14 of 20
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The strongest predictor of an individual’s drinking is:

A. having a parent who abuses alcohol.


B. being a member of an ethnic group in which drinking is integrated into religious activities.


C. being part of a group with norms that condone drinking.


D. emotional disturbance in childhood.


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Question 15 of 20
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Regarding patterns of drug use, which one of the following statements is true?

A. Aside from alcohol, cocaine is the mostly widely used drug in the United States.


B. Drug use is higher among males than females.


C. The highest rate of alcohol use is among people aged 35 to 44.


D. Caucasians are more likely than African-Americans to use marijuana.


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Question 16 of 20
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Overall, the highest rates of drug abuse occur among those who are:

A. young, female, and affluent.


B. young, male, and affluent.


C. young, male, poor, and from a minority group.


D. middle-aged, poor, and from a minority group.


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Question 17 of 20
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A work colleague argues that tobacco smoking is not very harmful because several members of his family smoked for decades and lived to be over 90. This argument is an example of the fallacy of:

A. dramatic instance.


B. circular reasoning.


C. misplaced concreteness.


D. appeal to prejudice.


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Question 18 of 20
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Which one of the following is not an acute effect of marijuana intoxication?

A. Impairments in memory


B. Reduced sperm count in males


C. Impairments in psychomotor performance


D. Reddened eyes


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Question 19 of 20
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Which one of the following family experiences is not likely to contribute to drug abuse?

A. Substance abuse among family members


B. Growing up in single-parent homes


C. Religious involvement


D. Problematic relationships within the family


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Question 20 of 20
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Which one of the following statements accurately describes motivation for drug abuse?

A. The psychic effects of drugs are a greater motivator for adults than adolescents.


B. Whites are more likely to be dependent on drugs than Blacks.


C. Self-destruction is more likely to motivate men than women.


D. The psychic effects of drugs provide the greatest overall motivation.

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