Language development in children | Psychology homework help

  • Which is an example of a graded signal…

Your answer:
[removed] A sign that says “STOP” at the intersection at the bottom of a steep hill.
[removed] The sign for “help me” in Sign Language
[removed] Swearing
[removed] Visual or Auditory patterns that occur in sequence, like “C-O-M-E I-N.”
[removed] a sound that changes from soft to loud, like when she whispers “Who is it? and then yells “Get out!”

  • The English Language is …

Your answer:
[removed] a predicative combinative mode of communication
[removed] an expressive combinative mode of communication
[removed] a predicative graded mode of communication
[removed] an expressive graded mode of communication
[removed] a nominal combinative mode of communication

Your answer:
[removed] not important to survival
[removed] not exhibited by sub-humans, inanimate objects, or even professors
[removed] a substitute for a concept in the thought process
[removed] a call to action
[removed] arbitrarily associated with its referent

Your answer:
[removed] a call to action
[removed] associated to it’s referent by an iconic bond
[removed] not typically important to survival
[removed] is associated to it’s referent by an cause and effect bond
[removed] exemplified by the a “foot print” in the sand.

  • Body Lanaguage is really…

Your answer:
[removed] nominal combinative
[removed] based on signals we call symbols
[removed] predicative combinative
[removed] expressive graded
[removed] unimportant to survival

Your answer:
[removed] a communication that utililizes a signal called a symbol
[removed] species specific
[removed] not exhibited by children born deaf
[removed] exhibited by professors who are unsure of their lecture material (hint- maybe so but don’t select this option).
[removed] a nominal graded communication

  • Swearing is an example of….

Your answer:
[removed] Sign Language
[removed] an expresssive combinative communication
[removed] bad langauge
[removed] an expressive graded communication
[removed] body language

  • Which are examples of TYPES of SIGNALS

Your answer:
[removed] Predecative and Propositional
[removed] Expressive and emotional
[removed] Nominal and Expressive
[removed] Combinative and Nominal
[removed] Graded and Combinative

  • Which are examples of 3 different TYPES of MESSAGES

Your answer:
[removed] expressive, emotional and graded
[removed] Nominal, Expressive and Predicative
[removed] Nominal, graded and combinative
[removed] Predicative, Combinative and Language
[removed] Graded, Combinative and Nominal

  • Bees communicate by making…

Your answer:
[removed] honey
[removed] a buzzing sound with their lips
[removed] bee language
[removed] signs
[removed] symbols

  • The initial crying of a baby at birth and the pursuing few weeks is a communication that is…

Your answer:
[removed] predicative
[removed] unnecessary
[removed] expressive
[removed] symbolic
[removed] nominal

  • Which is not true of a symbol…

Your answer:
[removed] It is associated arbitrarily with it’s referent
[removed] It is part of a predicative combinative communication
[removed] It can be substituted for a concept in the thought process
[removed] It is a signal used in Body Language.
[removed] It can be discursive or presentational

Your answer:
[removed] are the only non-humans in addition to Apes that use language
[removed] use a nominal combinative mode of communication that involves learning
[removed] use a predicative combinative form of cummunication
[removed] are the only non-humans that use language
[removed] use a nominal combinative mode of communication that is genetically inherited

Your answer:
[removed] use a nominal combinative form of communication
[removed] use a predicative graded form of communication
[removed] perform a dance to communicate symbolically about the location of trees
[removed] use an nominal graded form of communication
[removed] are taught to communicate by their parents

  • A person with severe left brain damage in the language areas may be able to do nothing EXCEPT…

Your answer:
[removed] read
[removed] swear
[removed] write
[removed] talk
[removed] understand speech

  • In Hocketrt’s 1960 essay, he wrote about the 13 ____________________ of language, which have been used to compare animal and human communication.

Your answer:
[removed] Speech Chains
[removed] Recursions
[removed] Channels
[removed] Transmissions
[removed] Design features

  • ___________________________ is the Term used to indicate that the communicator can talk about things that are distant in time and/or space.

Your answer:
[removed] Discreteness
[removed] Displacement
[removed] Arbitrariness
[removed] Productivity
[removed] Rapid fading

  • ________________________ is the use of syllable, word and phrase stress, along with pitch and loudness variations in our speech.

Your answer:
[removed] Specialization
[removed] Rapid fading
[removed] Syntax
[removed] Morphology
[removed] Suprasegmentals

  • This characteristic of communication removes communication barriers and is largely responsible for the unlimited exchange of information for both sexes of all ages.

Your answer:
[removed] Pragmatics
[removed] Interchangeability
[removed] Echolalia
[removed] Morphology
[removed] Learnability

  • Another way to describe “grammar’ or the grammatical rules and structures of language is.

Your answer:
[removed] Morphemes
[removed] Semantics
[removed] Syntax
[removed] Expressive language
[removed] Broadcast transmission


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